Russ International Launch!

Hello.  We are Russ International.

Hello!  We’re really excited to announce the public launch of Russ International.

We are a new organisation working on awareness campaigns and fundraising activities for the Russ Foundation, India.  We are registered as a charity in the United Kingdom (Registration number: 1167098).  We have many exciting plans for the coming weeks, months and even years.

Firstly, welcome to our new website!  Why not also take the time to connect with us on Social Media, or perhaps even consider donating towards the Russ Foundation’s programmes.

We are Russ International.  We hope you will join us on our journey; together, we’re changing lives for the better.


Russ International was first discussed all the way back in 2014.  After a long time planning, filling out legal documents and working on our goals, we are now incredibly excited to be able to start our journey with you.

Charitable Objectives

The prevention or relief of poverty of children, women and/or the elderly in particular but not exclusively by the provision of grants to support the charitable work of the Russ Foundation, India with a view to:

  1. Advance education
  2. Preserve and protect good health
  3. Promote gender equality


We are incredible lucky to have a strong team supporting us, and this starts with our Trustees.  These are:

  • Dominic Cowell
  • Peter Harrington
  • Gill Hattersley
  • Billie-Jean Johnson
  • Sahil Jhamb (incoming Trustee)
  • Berlin Jose
  • Carol Lewis

We’ll be introducing the team on a more personal level in the near future.

Our Work

We intend to achieve our objectives in a number of ways.  These methods include;

  1. Awareness Campaigns.  These will primarily by done digitally, meaning we will be active on Social Media, and communicating with our supporters regularly.  Our campaigns will centre around health issues, gender equality and development areas.
  2. Fundraising events.  Offline fundraising events to stay engaged with our supporters, such as fundraising nights and activities.
  3. Online sales.  We will be expanding on this one really soon; we think you’ll love it.
  4. More! We will be expanding on our work and objectives over the coming weeks.  Together we can – and will – change lives for the better.

That’s it from us for now!  Make sure you stay engaged with our activities to hear all of our latest news first.  You can do this by;


Your donations change lives and lets us continue our incredible work.
Russ International