We support a range of education programmes that aim to give young people a quality education, without any barriers.  Costless.  Casteless.

Carlsson Nursery and Primary School

Costless and Casteless.  Education placed where it should be: first.

In 1995 Russ Foundation opened a day care centre, funded by Bharat Aid and SIDA, to allow nursing mothers the time to undergo training and work. This idea was expanded when the creche was made open to the local villagers and, following high demand, two more day care centres were opened in two villages. These went on to run for ten years, until 2005, when the Government of Tamilnadu approved plans to change the day care centre into a school to run as a nursery and primary school, for children aged 4 – 10. 125 children are enrolled as students of the Carlsson School, all of whom come from the surrounding villages. The school provides all of these children with a good education at an affordable cost.

Evening Tuition Centres

Giving those from poor economic backgrounds an equal chance.

At present Russ Foundation runs twelve evening tuition centres based in different villages with the hope of further expansion. These centres are aimed at academically struggling students and school drop-outs. The students are most often from poor economic backgrounds and their parents are often illiterate. By giving children the option to continue and have help with their education, their future prospects are greatly enhanced. Most importantly, in the years following the implementation of the evening tuition centres, the school drop-out rates in the region have dropped to nil.


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