Community Care

The Community Care programmes that we support help a wide spectrum of society, whom are facing a range of challenges in their day-to-day lives.  The beneficiaries include:

  • Elderly people
  • Deaf people
  • Children
  • People Infected with HIV/AIDS

Find out about all of the programmes below, and how the Russ Community benefits so many people every single day.  If you’d like to contribute to our work, you can donate on our website here.

Children Infected with HIV/AIDS Care

Based in Madurai, providing Community-based Care and Support

From February 2009 to March 2010 financial support was given by PWDS-CBCS (Abbot Fund) to provide care and support to CIA in 6 areas of Madurai district (Madurai East, Madurai West, Alanganallur, Sedapatti, Kallupatti, and Kallikudi). Russ Foundation addressed many needs in this programme, including education, nutrition, training and many others.

Since April 2011 Russ Foundation has continued to work with nearly 600 CAA and 75 CIA directly by providing nutritional and education support. However, there are an estimated 1332 affected children and 368 infected children (including 112 on ART) in the district of Madurai, and due to many constraints Russ Foundation is able to reach less than one third of these children with its services.

Nutrition Support

Based in Madurai, for Children Infected with HIV/AIDS

Every month, 20 local children, all of whom are infected with HIV/AIDS, come to Russ to receive nutrition packs full of pulses, grains and other foods. As well as the nutrition packs, there is a day of entertainment, games and a meal. The children and their guardians are educated on healthcare, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and how to take care of the children and people suffering from HIV/AIDS. On top of this, Russ Foundation holds events for these children and their guardians throughout the year, on all the major holidays – gifts are given, such as new toothbrushes, clothes and blankets. Education support is also given to the children, as Russ Foundation provides school uniforms, stationary and shoes.

End-of-Life Care

Based around Tamil Nadu, providing support to families with People Living with HIV/AIDS

As well as taking care of PLHAs throughout their lives, Russ Foundation also helps their families after death. Many of the problems faced by PLHAs are those of stigma, not only within the larger communities but also within their own family. Because of this stigma, and a lack of education in how HIV/AIDS can be transmitted, many people, after the death of PLHAs, will not want to have any contact with their bodies. To help with this, when the care and support team of the Russ Foundation hears of a death, they go to the home of the person, clean the body, wrap it and prepare it for burial or cremation, free of charge.

MDDDA – Madurai District Deaf Development Association

Based in Madurai, providing a space for the Deaf Community

The Russ Foundation also promotes the MDDDA (Madurai District Deaf Development Association). This organisation consists of over 280 people, with hearing impairments – some employed, some self-employed and some unemployed. Due to the stigma associated with disability, many of the adults suffering from hearing impairments feel unable to meet publically. Therefore, Russ Foundation offers this group a space to hold regular meetings in private, so their members can feel free to meet, communicate and share their experiences without feeling at risk of discrimination. In addition to this, Russ Foundation conducts a lot of advocacy for deaf and mute people, as well as helping with licensing for handicapped concessions such as public transport allowance provided by the government and helping to find job placements for those who are unemployed.



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