The Russ Foundation

Russ Foundation is a charity, registered as a non-profit organisation under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act in India.  Founded in 1992, Russ Foundation has developed into a dynamic organisation with a history of bringing vital changes in the community it serves.

Motto, Mission and Vision


serving the deserving…


To work with people to improve the living conditions and quality of life of individuals, families and the community at large by providing access to varied services to needy people; irrespective of genders, castes and faiths.


“Community, living with adequate resources towards quality living conditions”


Twenty six years.  Thousands of lives transformed.

Russ Foundation has worked in a variety of sectors for 26 years.  Russ Foundation is run by Berlin Jose.  Berlin ensures all of the daily operations of Russ run smoothly, and his work within Russ Foundation has enabled Russ Foundation to be the successful organisation that it is today.  Berlin is also one of the Trustees on the Board of Russ International.

The focal point of the organisation is the Russ Campus, which features a home for children without parents, a dairy farm, a wide variety of tropical plants and a primary school.

We also work with women, alongside running various projects and initiatives in health, education, HIV/AIDS, Education, Socio-Economic development, life-skill vocational training, Ecology and empowerment.


Five key aims.

  • To help end the dowry payment once and for all.
  • Empower women to be individuals in society.
  • To reach out to as many in-need young people as possible.
  • To create a better life for everyone that we work with.
  • End each day knowing that we have done everything we can to improve people’s lives for the better.


Based in Madurai.  Expanding beyond boundaries.

The Russ Foundation is based in Madurai, a city in the centre of Tamil Nadu, the sixth largest state in India by population.  The Russ campus is based 20km outside of the city, in Thondamanchathrapatti (Thon-da-man-chat-ra-patti).  The Russ Foundation also undertakes various projects in other districts surrounding the Madurai area.

The Russ Campus is a 16 acre plot of land, which features a school, training buildings, agricultural projects, and – of course – the home for children without parents.

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Your donations change lives and lets us continue our incredible work.
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