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The Russ Foundation has a long history of connections in England.  England is a major source of funding for the Russ Foundation, thanks to an amazing partnership between the Russ Foundation and Good Foundation UK.  We’ve detailed our activity in England below, which also comes some way in explaining how Russ International came out.


The Russ Foundation’s long-standing partner in the England is Good Foundation UK.  This organisation is solely a fundraising arm for the Russ Foundation, and has strong ties with us thanks to amazing work carried out by the Trustees at Good Foundation UK.


The long standing relationship between the two organisations has led to 13 England to India expedition trips with students from the Colchester Sixth Form College, and raised vast sums of money for the Russ Foundation over the past 22 years.


Olive Jeffries founded this UK registered charity in the early 1980s and it has ever since supported primary health care and community initiatives in and around Madurai.  When Russ Foundation was established in 1992, Good Foundation focused its fundraising on supporting the Children’s Home as well as the Community Action and Care programme.


The Good Foundation provides a significant portion of the funds to ensure the continued running of the main campus as well as additional grants to support one off projects. On a regular basis Good Foundation arrange visits to the Russ campus. These trips raise money for the charity, allow supporters to see vital work that goes on and also get involved.


You can find out more about Good Foundation UK via their website;

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